CNCC organised their first bilateral cooperation start-up event with CNCC members Aldeamo, Bogbi, and OIH.

The first part of the event consisted of a panel of successful Colombian entrepreneurs from Endeavour where the critical success factors of entering Colombia and LatAm where discussed. The panel included: Bodytech, PayU, CampoAlto, Spira, Aldeamo, and Nordic Fitness. Member Aldeamo also presented their Norwegian start-up success in Colombia, and the key lessons a Norwegian company must know to succeed in Colombia. The event concluded with a presentation of CNCC member Bogbi

Endeavor panel

Gigliola Aycardi – Bodytech

Gigliola Aycardi and her business partner founded Bodytech, one of the most prominent brands of gym studios in Latin America. It operates 140 gyms in Colombia, Peru and Chile with 300,000 members. Gigliola was also awarded the 2014 Ernst & Young entrepreneur award. Bodytech has revenue of over US$ 100 million a year.

Martin Shcrimpff – PayU

Martin Shcrimpff is one of the founders of PayU, one of the leading online payment platforms in the world. Martin, together with his investors, was able to grow and transform the company into a world class player with transactions of over US$ 20 billion a year.

Alvaro Hoffmann – Campoalto

Alvaro Hoffmann is a doctor that when faced with the lack of work for physicians in the 1990s in Colombia, built a school with his partners. Campoalto, the school, began training assistant nurses, and now trains 8,000 underprivileged people a year in 7 locations. Campoalto has received 6 purchase offers in recent years.

Juan Carlos Paris – Spira

Juan Carlos Paris is the founder of Spira, which is a company that trains employees to do specific tasks within their companies. Since 2005 he has worked with more than 100 companies training more than 5 million people.

Hans Christian Boehlke – Aldeamo

Hans Christian Boehlke partnered with a Norwegian company to create one of the largest SMS companies in Latin America operating in 11 countries. Hans Christian is one of the managing partners of Makondo, an Impact fund created in Norway to invest in post-conflict Colombia.



“Aldeamo, a Norwegian start-up success in Colombia. Key lessons a Norwegian company must know to succeed in Colombia”.
By Hans Christian Boehlke


“Bogbi, a Colombian Cargo & Family Bike made for Peace, People, and the Environment” by Sigurd Kihl