CNCC-KPMG-Norad held a breakfast meeting with Norwegian Ambassador to Colombia H.E. John Petter Opdahl, where Norad introduced FfD program, and KPMG launched their report for FfD for the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

On the 23rd of August 2018, CNCC, KPMG, and Norad invited to a breakfast meeting with the Norwegian Ambassador to Colombia, H.E. Mr. John Petter Opdahl where he shared his experience in Colombia, as well as his perspectives on the new government toward business and private sector development, the political and economic situation in Colombia, and Norwegian business and investments in Colombia.

Norad presented Fish for Development (FfD) Norway Colombia, and a brief presentation from the Private Sector Development (PSD) section highlighting Colombia as a target country. This has had a significant impact on bilateral projects, private sector development in Colombia and in creating jobs.

KPMG presented their report “Fish for Development: Sustainable fishing and aquaculture production in Colombia”, an assessment of opportunities for private sector development collaboration.

Attendance consisted of top management representation of Norwegian Aquaculture private sector, Norwegian government officials, and Members of CNCC. 


  • Oddbjørn Vegsund – Partner at KPMG
  • Alejandra Neira – Managing President at CNCC
  • H.E. John Petter Opdahl – Norwegian Ambassadro to Colombia
  • Hans Peter Melby – Senior Advisor for FfD Norad
  • Mehraz Rafat – Senior Advisor for PSD Norad
  • Knut Lakså – Senior Manager at KPMG