CNCC and Member Deloitte had their first joint event with 4 other bilateral chambers of commerce on the importance of “Diversity and Inclusion” in business success

On the 17th of October, CNCC had their first joint event with 4 other Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and proud member Deloitte, on the important topic of “Diversity and Inclusion” with more than 120 participants. Companies represented in the panel where CEOs of EGGS Design, Puzzel, Market Makers, and Mak, as well as representants from Argentum, Seema, and Deloitte. 


  • Javad Mushtaq – CEO of MAK
  • Ulla Sommerfelt – CEO of EGGS Design
  • Børge Astrup – CEO of Puzzel
  • Ingibjørg Meyer-Myklestad – Communication Director of Argentum
  • Maja Vikan – Senior Advisor at Seema