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Continuing its commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship as a tool for socio-economic development, Ean University —in partnership with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Colombia, Innovation Norway, Bictia, and ProBogotá — organized the event Sustainable Cities

On the 30th of October Bictia, ProBogotá, Ean University, and Innovation Norway, held an event on Sustainable Cities in partnership with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Colombia. The event seeked to promote sustainability in urban environments with expert guests from both the Norwegian and Colombian private sector.

The speakers presented their experiences and startups that contribute to the development of smarter and greener urban environments.

This event coincided with the celebration of the World Cities Day promoted by the United Nations (UN) and had three main lines of discussion:

  1. Smart Cities: Digital ecosystems for scalable and smart urban solutions.
  2. Environment: Circularity and climate action for resilient and sustainable cities.
  3. Governance: The role of public policy and citizenship.


John Petter Opdahl – The Norwegian Ambassador to Colombia

Birgitte Baptiste – Ean University Chancellor

Juan Carlos Pinzón – President of Probogota

Juanita Rodríguez Kattah – Vice Chancellor of Academic Innovation

Gunnar Crawford – CEO of Stavanger Smartcities

Gilca Palma – Director of I+D+I Stormgeo

Johnny Alexander Gunneng – CEO of InfoTiles

Jeronimo Silva – CEO of Bictia