CNCC - NHO Breakfast Meeting 22 september 2017


Tim Wendelboe

Director at Tim Wendelboe AS, is a world famous barista and coffee importer with 10 years experience in Colombia. He is the 2004 World Barista Champion and 2005 World Cup Tasting Champion. Since opening his own business in 2007, the roastery has won the Nordic Roaster competition three years running. In his presentation, Tim speaks about his experience, focus on high quality coffee, and his biological coffee farm, “Finca el Suelo”, in the region of Huila, Colombia.

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Yara International

Has been in Colombia for 30 years and has in recent years through acquisitions, become the main supplier of fertilizer to Colombian agriculture. Through its Yara Champion program, coffee producers have increased both productivity and quality of coffee. Esben Tuman, Vice President Corporate Communications, talks about Yara's business and involvement in Colombia.

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CNCC - NHO breakfast meeting 22 september 2017

The event begun with Tim Wendelboe making coffee for all participants. Coffee he had recently roasted, and had brought with him directly from Colombian two weeks earlier.

Program was as followed:
  • Coffee tasting by Tim Wendelboe and waffles
  • Short welcome by Svein Oppegaard, Administrative Director at NHO, and Alejandra Neira, Director at CNCC
  • Following Tim Wendelboe and his experience in Colombia
  • Concluding with Esben Tuman, Vice President Corporate Communications talking about Yara’s business and involvement in Colombia